Nadja Schubell


Nadja Schubell

...prepares cocktails on one of the most beautiful viewing platforms that a bar has to offer - the Faro bar.

Faro Bar: meeting place of different generations

A glass facade consisting of 20 windows extends from left to right as soon as guests enter the Faro bar in the Bad Horn Hotel & Spa. Through the windows, the view sweeps over the wide Lake Constance. The Faro bar could tell countless stories about their guests, if only they had the ability to speak. The stylish bar, decorated in nautical style and located on the first floor of the hotel, has been welcoming guests from all over the world since 1994. While the bar tacitly keeps the secrets of recent years to itself, Nadja Schubell is not reserved for this fate. As Chef de Bar, she regularly comes into contact with hotel guests and their life stories. What excites you about your job is the versatility and the contact to them. Whether business or leisure guest, young or old, the Faro bar is a meeting place for pleasure lovers and I usually get to know people from their personal side," says Nadja. In a casual chat with a barmaid or table neighbor, the gentle piano sounds of the pianists, which animate the room musically from 10 pm in the background. The piano playing and the roaring fire in the fireplace have been a constant part of the 25-year-old bar since the beginning.

90 recipes by heart

A bartender is asked a lot every day, and when a dozen thirsty guests order drinks, speed is required. In addition to a lot of expertise and information on various types of schnapps or whiskey, Nadja’s memory has a repertoire of around 90 cocktail recipes. «I love drinks that tell a story and I can better remember the recipes as a donkey bridge!» enthuses the young woman. The «Manhattan», for example, is based on the story of a mafioso who lived in the USA during the American Prohibition and had a preference for Italian spirits, such as the Martini. In order not to have to do without his beloved drink, the Italian decided to fly the martini from Italy to Canada to mix it with Canadian whiskey and Angostura. The resulting drink was classified by the American Border Guards as a medicine and cleared the way for the cocktail to Manhattan, where the cunning Italian lived and the name was created.

Classics such as «Manhattan» also act as a source of ideas for new creations for Nadja. The combination of old and new attracts a lot of interest from the younger audience in particular. But her team also regularly challenges the likeable Chef de Bar. For example, their employees «have to» create a new drink twice a year, based on their own personal touch. The best creations will be rewarded and will receive a place in the drinks menu of the Faro bar under the heading «Inventor Workbar». Even with guest orders with the invitation «Mix mir bitte etwas zusammen» the entire skill and creativity of the team is in demand. And who knows, maybe the next exciting Faro Bar story will be born.

Manhattan recipe


  • 3cl Martini Rosso
  • 3cl Canadian Club
  • 1 Splash Angostura
  • 1  Cocktail cherry


  1. Pre-cool the glass (for example with ice cubes)
  2. Put Martini, Canadian Club and Angostura into a cocktail shaker and stir
  3. Empty ice (technical term: abstract) so that the drink is not diluted
  4. Add the mixture of ingredients to the glass
  5. Cherry on top, ready



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