Martin Neubauer


Martin Neubauer

...steers the fortunes of the hotel’s own motor yacht M.Y. Emily on Lake Constance.

Martin Neubauer is a captain to the core: The white shirt of his captain’s suit is neatly ironed and the captain’s cap shines in the dusk, while the well-cheered guests are greeted friendly and accompanied on deck. Even as a child, Martin was drawn to the water. He owes his passion for shipping perhaps also to his birthplace and residence in Langenargen, which is located on the north side of the Lake Constance shore. Even his way to work is connected to his profession, when he sails with his motor ship "Night-Rider" from Langenargen harbour in direct line to the Swiss shore, to Horn. „Instead of 90 minutes around the lake, I only need 20 minutes by boat, "laughs the cheerful captain of the motor yacht M.Y. Emily, which has been owned by the Bad Horn Hotel & Spa for 19 years and is located in the hotel’s own port. Martin adds: „A particularly nice moment for me is the arrival to my workplace and welcome the hotel guests in the garden restaurant Giardino, while they are enjoying their breakfast. Then I am even more pleased to record my work with Emily."

The M.Y. "Emily"

The 24-meter-long motor yacht was rebuilt from an old river yacht of the legendary Wooden Yachts from the 1930s. The typical elements of the „Belle Epoque“ were also taken into account in their stylistic expansion. Ships like the "Emily" are also a novelty for Martin:  I do not know of a comparable ship on Lake Constance, which also has such a high culinary quality for the culinary delights of the passengers. „We therefore have many regular guests on board, on our excursions, who appreciate the excellent overall package and the family atmosphere." 

Martin has been directing the fate of Emily since 2015. But to be allowed to control the nostalgic ship at all, it needs a comprehensive training as a captain. Martin says: My childhood dream has always been de become captain, but even today there is no direct training path for it." That is why Martin initially decided on an apprenticeship in mechatronics - for cars. The 35-year-old then went through several different stages of training. First, I was a deck man for 3 years and a sailor for 4 years on a big ship in Friedrichshafen. A rough job! You take over all the work that occurs on deck during the journey or in the harbour. This was followed by further trainings in ship technology and navigation as well as 3 years as a helmsman under experienced captains. So, my training as a captain lasted about 10 years." But Martin fulfilled a childhood dream, and he glows and says:  An office job would be too monotonous for me. I like being in the fresh air and love the contact to the water, to the passengers and to my ship - especially to Emily" On board, I feel relaxed and free, and our guests regularly return to me with having the same feeling. In addition, the "Emily" differs in its occupancy from other ships, which contacts passengers more personal. "You’re not just a number here," Martin says proudly. The passenger area offers space for around 50 people for parties and events, such as birthday or weddings, meetings, and aperitifs. The decor impresses with elegance and comfort and gets an extremely cosy character with the fireplace on board. "The fire in the fireplace is very mystical and mysterious, especially when driving in the fog," says Neubauer. In addition to numerous highlights that Martin experiences with the Emily on Lake Constance, such as dreamlike sunsets or champagne deliveries with other ships, a trip remained in his memory. „During a wedding cruise - with the bride and groom at the bow of Emily - we drove between a trellis, consisting of 20 motor yachts. Such moments make "rides on the Emily" unforgettable, Martin adds devotedly.

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