Diana Erhardt

Make-up artist

Diana Ehrhardt make-up artist and lets guests shine

During Diana Ehrhardt's internship in 2013 at the Bad Horn Hotel & Spa, she has fallen into the charm of the 4-star superior hotel. Since then, the German-born from Saxony-Anhalt she is indispensable for  the emerald spa team of the hotel. As a trained beautician, she passionately takes care of the appearance of her guests and ensures the perfect look with her different styling. „The most frequent requests from our customers relate to gala, bridal and day make-up. Depending on the desire and intensity of the make-up, a session lasts about half to two hours, "says Diana and adds: In the run-up to the cosmetics, I recommend a facial treatment. This refines the pores, resulting in an even complexion. "Facial care is, according to Diana, the most important part for a flawless complexion. In the morning, the skin is prepared for make-up and in the evening cleaned of make-up and dirt. For radiant, healthy and wrinkle-free skin, the right facial care is the most important part, says the cosmetician. As a small tip for at home, she recommends to provide the skin with day cream before applying the foundation. "The result will last longer," says Diana. At the end of this Bad Horn Story you will find out what to keep in mind when applying the make-up.

An internship for the future

Diana’s enthusiasm for her work is noticeable during the interview.She reveals that she liked to make up friends and relatives even as a little girl."I always liked it when I was allowed to do something good for people," says the 36-year-old. This enthusiasm has also shaped her professional career. After the successful completion of her basic training as a hotel specialist, the young woman, like many from her industry, moved to different places in Europe. After a seasonal job in Switzerland, she was - as a now well-known social media hashtag reads - #VERLIEBTindieSCHWEIZ. During the subsequent training as a beautician in Jena, the practical part consisted of a one-month internship. Diana remembered her time in Switzerland and started looking for a training place, beyond the German border. The internship at the Bad Horn Hotel & Spa was a lucky hit for me! My passion to take care of other people’s well-being can be realized here in the hotel and spa area wonderfully."I also like the activity at the reception, where I maintain a lot of customer contact and can advise the guests," she laughs.


Tips from the pro

Applying make-up: What needs to be considered?

  • Before applying the Foundation, you should prepare your face well so that the result lasts for a long time. For a good foundation, you should clean your face, moisturize with a moisturizer and apply a primer.
  • The right shade is usually matched to your skin tone to cover especially redness and small pimples perfectly.
  • The foundation is matched to the skin type and texture.
  • Tip: for dry skin, do not use a powder, use powder for oily skin.

Applying the Foundation - the best tricks:

  • To apply the foundation you can use either brushes, sponges or hands.
  • Apply foundation with a make-up sponge: The advantage of the sponge is that due to the slightly moistened surface, the foundation can be applied deep into the pores.
  • Apply foundation with your hands: Simply massage foundation into your skin for a beautiful, natural finish!
  • Put some foundation on the back of your hand and take it with the brush, sponge or two fingers. Start applying to your nose and nostrils. Then hide the product from there outwards towards the ears, with dabbing (with the hands stroking) movements. Then place the foundation on your forehead and chin.Make sure that you also apply the foundation under your chin and at the neck so that no makeup edge appears.
  • Tip: Start with little product and prefer to apply several thin layers!

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