To soothe the mind, body and soul.

Just relax, let go and immerse yourself in another world. Treat yourself to some time out and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Be present in the here and now.

Private Nautical Spa Suite

Private Spa for 2 people

each additional hour + CHF 100.–

 180 min CHF 350
Private Spa for 4 people

each additional hour + CHF 100.–

each additional person + CHF 80.–

 240 min CHF 500

Emerald Spa

Emerald Day-Spa (Full-day admission) CHF 100
Weekly Spa Break (Mo-Thu 4-hours-stay) CHF 70
Late Night Spa entry (daily form 17.30 h) CHF 55
Emerald Day Spa Package Rubin (Mo-Fr)
  • Optionally at noon (12 - 1.30 pm) or in the evening (6 - 9 pm) a light 4-course wellness menu
  • A credit for a spa treatment of your choice of CHF 80.00 (subject to availability)
CHF 205
Emerald Day Spa Package Saphir (Sa/Su)
  • Optionally at noon (12 - 1.30 pm) or in the evening (6 - 9 pm) a light 4-course wellness menu
  • A credit for a spa treatment of your choice of CHF 80.00 (subject to availability). 
CHF 235

Emerald Beauty

Thalgo facial treatments for «her»

Thalgo basic

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing or facial massage, eyebrow correction, mask and final treatment.

 50 min CHF 120
Thalgo classic

Skin analysis with cleansing, deep cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, facial massage, mask and final treatment.

 70 min CHF 170
Thalgo de luxe

Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, facial, neck and décolleté massage, eyebrow correction, special mask, hand or head massage and final treatment.

 90 min CHF 205
Spa Express facial treatment

Cleansing, peeling, relaxing facial massage.

 30 min CHF 85

Thalgo facial treatments for «him»

Thalgo men business

Revitalise and smooth your face with specific products for masculine skin. Skin analysis, cleansing, deep cleansing, massage, mask and end-treatment.

 45 min CHF 110
Thalgo men classic relax

Classic facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, a deep cleansing pampering facial massage, throat and neck massage, or head massage, mask and daily care.

 70 min CHF 170

I Beauty by Thalgo (new – apparative cosmetics)

The unique I Beauty System from Thalgo combines sound vibrations, ultrasound and radio frequency technology. It has three short, pre-programmed treatments.

I Beauty Pure

Controls the production of sebum and reddening, has an antibacterial effect. Your skin is visibly more harmonious and refined.

 30 min CHF 140
I-Pure Hydration Corrector

Frees the skin from dead skin sells and lends it a healthy circulation. Your skin gains a new radiance and a fresh appearance.

 50 min CHF 170
I-Beauty Youth Activator – Anti Aging

For tired skin that is lacking in energy and has a tendency to wrinkles. This treatment, in combination with radio frequencies, enables a clearly younger appearance and firmer skin.

This apparative facial treatment can also be incorporated into any Thalgo facial treatment to achieve the best possible results.

  min CHF
Extra charge 25 95
 60 min CHF 200

Emerald Beauty

Beauty Extras
  min CHF
Eyebrow correction 20 35
Eyebrow colouring 15 27
Eyelash colouring 15 27
Eyebrow and eyelash colouring 25 45

The skin is cleaned and prepared prior to every depilation. Following the treatment, a calming and moisturising gel is applied.

  min CHF
Chin 10 20
Upper lip 10 20
Upper lip and chin 15 35
Full leg 50 85
Ankle to knee 25 45
Bikini 15-25 35-45
Arms 25 45
Shoulders 15 30
Chest or back 30 50
  min CHF
Day make-up 25 50
Evening make-up 45 75
Wedding make-up (incl. test make-up) 90 160
Make-up consultation 50 80

Emerald Beauty for the hand and feet

Cosmetic manicure
  min CHF
Manicure without varnish 45 75
Manicure with varnish 60 95
Manicure with French varnish 70 110
OPI Gel colour incl. manicure 90 130
Spa Manicure
  min CHF
With hand bath, peeling, pack & massage 70 130
Cosmetic Pedicure
  min CHF
Pedicure without varnish 45 80
Pedicure with varnish 60 95
Pedicure with French varnish 70 115
OPI Gel colour incl. pedicure 90 140
Spa Pedicure
  min CHF
With foot bath, peeling, pack & massage 70 135
Varnish change
  min CHF
Hands and feet 30 45

Signatur Treatment

Pacific Islands Treatment

Treatment for a couple

A peeling with the scent of vanilla, with coconut shells, white sand and sea salt. Traditional Mahana massage with warm sand stamps and oil treatment.

  min CHF
for couples 110 480

Treatment for couple: also with a sea-fresh lagoon water bath with fizzing bathing pebbles.

 100 min CHF 200


Thalgo Express faical treatment

Cleansing, peeling, facial massage.

 30 min CHF 80
Short feel good massage


 25 min CHF 65

Body treatments

Thalgo Body

Performance – Figure care treatment

The path to a dream figure with this intensively firming figure treatment starts with a stimulating pack, followed by two highly effective, refreshing care concentrates for firming the skin, and finally, the Perfect Sculpt Massage for a sustained effect. The result: a finely-formed figure and firm skin.

 60 min CHF 185
Fresh Legs – legs treatment

Cooling wrap with beneficial extracts of algae, camphor and menthol. Improves the circulation, firming, and supports the reduction of fat. Fatty deposits and cellulite are relieved. Heavy, tired legs are intensively refreshed. The result: enlivened, firm legs and a redefined silhouette.

 45 min CHF 120

Peeling treatments

Mer des Indes peeling

This enlivening, two-phase peeling with sea salt, cane sugar, regenerating oils and the fresh scent of citrus, gently cleanses, smooths and refines the skin. For silky soft skin and vital relaxation.

 45 min CHF 95
Algae-cream full body peeling

A creamy and warm algae mousse with a gentle peeling effect refines your skin's texture and revitalises it with stimulating stroking. Not only is your skin gently and thoroughly cleansed, it is also enveloped in a pleasantly fresh scent.

 25 min CHF 70
Sea salt oil peeling

A mix of pure sea salt with corn starch and almond oil becomes a genuine experience for you. It frees your body from lifeless skin cells and is re-mineralising, revitalising, and provides you skin with important nutrients. Follow up by experiencing the feeling of weightlessness in our floating bed. Following this treatment, your body is able to breathe, and you will feel light and spruce, just like you've been bathing in the sea.

 45 min CHF 95


During the application of a pack, completely relaxed, you will feel the weightlessness of a water bed. Your body will be completely relieved. Enveloped by pleasant warmth, the active agents are able to become embedded in the skin optimally through the open pores.

Algae pack detox

In this body pack, freshly mixed, 100% pure, natural, micro-pulverised algae have a purging, de-acidifying, mineralising and moisturising effect.

 45 min CHF 90
Algae-gel pack

This freshly prepared, transparent, non-fatty algae gel pack from pure algae extracts stimulates the metabolism and has a strongly regenerative effect with sunburn and neuro-dermatitis.

 45 min CHF 80
Sea mud pack

A pack consisting of pure sea mud taken from the depths of the Dead Sea. Also ideal in the event of tendency to allergies, inflammatory skin problems and muscular tension.

 45 min CHF 90
Indocéane Crème pack

This gentle crème, with rice bran oil and Shea butter, provides for regenerated skin.

 45 min CHF 90


Pamper yourself during your bath in our hydro-tub with an underwater massage, and allow yourself to be seduced into dreaming by the play of the light on the water.

Whey bath with whey drink

Healing and caring bath with the natural, skin-nourishing ingredients of milk in the form of whey. 

 20 min CHF 65
Algae bath detox

Classic Thalasso bath with micro-pulverised algae in 100% pure, natural form.

 20 min CHF 65
Mer des Indes milk bath

The milk bath refreshes the skin and has a calming and smoothing effect.

 20 min CHF 65
Pacific Island lagoon water bath

Azure-blue lagoon water bath with essential oils – calms and relaxes.

 20 min CHF 65


Classic massage

Ideal for tension.

 50/75 min CHF 120/160
Back combination treatment

Combination of a classic massage and a foot reflex zone massage.

 50/75 min CHF 120/160
Sport massage

Before competing or after a sports activity.

 40 min CHF 100
Foot reflex zones massage

Forces of self-healing are activated, blockages to the flow of energy are removed.

 50 min CHF 120
Lymph drainage

Stimulates the immune system and has a strengthening and detoxifying effect.

 50 min CHF 120
Hot stone back treatment

Intensive treatment of the different pain points of the entire back. The combination of hot stones and a classic massage treatment relaxes the body, spirit and soul.

full body treatment 80 min CHF 190
 50 min CHF 140
Lomi Lomi Nui

Hawaiian temple massage. Completed with flowing, gentle and strengthening movements of the hands, elbows and lower arms. The treatment is accompanied by Hawaiian music.

 90 min CHF 190
Depth treatment

A foot bath ritual and head and an aromatic oil massage. 

 80 min CHF 190
Mer des Indes Spa Treatment

Peeling with fresh citrus scent, Ayurvedic massage, finishing with skin care. 

  min CHF
as treatment for a couple 110 540

Treatment for a couple: also with aromatic milk bath.

 110 min CHF 240

Package applications

Beauty Day

Indocéane milk bath, spa manicure or spa pedicure, classic facial treatment.

 160 min CHF 380
Relax Day

Pacific Island peeling, Polynesia lagoon water bath, Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian temple massage.

 135 min CHF 340
Detox Day

Algae-cream peeling, algae bath in the hydro-massage tub, algae pack on the floating bed, manual lymph drainage.

 115 min CHF 295

Altearah Bio Spa Treatment

Aromatic scrub with Himalayan salt wrap

Pure Himalayan salt oil with valuable ingredients. Natural regeneration of the skin, moisturizing and nourishing. Stimulates superficial cell renewal and cell activity. For velvety soft, fresh feeling skin!

 50 min CHF 135

Bath salts with essential organic oils relax the muscles. Experience the regenerating and detoxifying effect of the primordial sea and the corresponding colour symbolism.  A gift of nature!

 20 min CHF 65
Himalayan salt sachet massage

Relaxing, purifying and structuring, this treatment nourishes the source of physical strength and the nervous system. Warm Himalayan salt sachets, naturally rich in oligo-elements and minerals, in combination with essential oils provide relaxation, purification or vitality.

 80 min CHF 195
Altearah organic facial

The skin is a mirror to our soul… Holistic, neuroactive top cosmetics based on the latest scientific findings. Stimulates cells for your personal balance. Skin cleansing, peel, serum, face, neck and décolleté massage with a special mask and skin cream to finish. Personally tailored to your skin's needs.

 70 min CHF 185


Small Hamam ritual

After warming up in the steam bath, you carry out your own Kese peeling and relax on the warm marble stone, before taking to the Rhassoul (steam bath), where you apply a variety of healing products to your body; following the power shower, a concluding skin care treatment with aromatic oil and a feeling of supple and soft skin.

as treatment for a couple 50 CHF 160
 50 min CHF 90
Hamam ritual wit soap lather massage

Warm up in the steam path, gentle peeling. Enveloped by a fine mountain of foam, your whole body, your face and your head are massaged with gentle, all-embracing and relaxing hand movements, and the foam lather is simply rinsed off with jets of warm water. Relax afterwards with a cup of tea on the marble stone.

as treatment for a couple 60 CHF 260
 60 min CHF 160


Floating Experience

At 37 °C in our floating bath, experience a feeling of weightlessness you've never known before, and feel the unique, holistic relaxation of your body, spirit and soul. Your body floats freely on the water.

 45 min CHF 90

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