The Emily Motor Yacht

The "Emily": A top class nautical event on Lake Constance with the ambience of a legendary wooden yacht.


In an incomparable setting, we celebrate a very impressive cruising experience with you (maximum of 56 people)

Options for using the Emily M.Y.

Charter Emily for an event in a private setting:

  • - Aperitifs
  • - Banquet cruises (for weddings, birthday parties, company events, etc.)
  • - Captain’s dinner cruises
  • - Rouge et Noir (evening cruise, including visit to the casino in Bregenz or Lindau)
  • - Cruises to Friedrichshafen with visit to the Zeppelin Museum
  • - Cruise as an escort vessel at sailing regattas

The following events are advertised by the Hotel Bad Horn every year, with places available for individual booking:

  • - Bad Horn-Bregenz package
  • - Aperitif & dessert cruise on 1st August, Swiss public holiday
  • - Visit to the Interboat trade show (with breakfast on the way there and quiche Lorraine on the way back)
  • - Fairytale cruise in November (aperitif, four course menu and enthralling stories)
  • - Midnight cruise with fireworks on New Year's Eve
  • - Breakfast cruises in February


M.Y. Emily documentation Online Request Form


The banquet contract is legally valid when the confirmation of reservation is signed.

Menu consultation

The definitive order and the discussion on the exact details should take place personally and at least 4 to 8 weeks prior to the occasion. We kindly request you to arrange an appointment for the menu consultation: Telephone: +41 (0)71 844 51 51

At the banquet consultation, notification should be provided of the planned number of people. Special requests, changes to menus, diets etc. should also be clarified prior to the occasion.

Menu selection

A kitchenette is available on the "Emily" which enables us to serve some of the dishes that we have previously prepared in our hotel kitchen on board. The banquet offer is limited, however, and it is not possible to serve à la carte dishes. Thank you for understanding this matter.

Menu cards

are printed by us at no cost in the form of the current Bad Horn menu cards. Should you require a particular design or a colour print, we charge a minimum of CHF 2.00 per menu card depending on the level of detail.


We will be pleased to discuss the ideal seating arrangements together with you.

Table decorations

A tea candle with a rose in the glass is provided as a standard decoration on the tables. We will be pleased to recommend local florists for special table decorations, and our events office is able to answer any questions you may have.

Musical entertainment

We will be pleased to provide you with the details of different musicians and artists. Please take note of the height and size of the passenger cabin.

Licensing rules

The bar closes as soon as the "Emily" has docked in the hotel harbour. We regret that we are not able to serve from the bar when docked in the harbour due to the local licensing regulations.

Advance payment

Following the menu consultation, we will invoice you for the price of the menu times the number of persons. If this invoice is not paid by 7 days before the date of the event, we will be forced to cancel the event. We regret that the sum of the invoice will remain payable as a cancellation fee.

Number of people

For banquets, notification is required of the exact number of people attending up to 24 hours prior to the event; a minimum charge also applies to this number.

In addition, 24 hours prior to the event, notification must be provided of the number of vegetarians, guests with special requests (no fish or no meat), gluten-free food etc. Please note that changes to the menu are not possible on board.

Conditions of cancellation for events on the Emily M.Y.

up to 12 weeks prior to eventno cost
from  12 to 8 weeks prior to arrival30% of the cost of the package
from  8 to 4 weeks prior to arrival50% of the cost of the package
from  4 to 2 weeks prior to arrival80% of the cost of the package
Later100% of the cost of the package

If a package has not been agreed, we assume a minimum consumption of CHF 100.00 per person.


For safety reasons, the use of sparklers or similar items is strictly prohibited in all of the rooms. The instructions issued by the staff are to be complied with at all times. Wax candles can only be used with candle holders. We cannot and will not be held liable for any fire damage or damage to property. Any damage caused to fixtures and fittings, especially the floors, will be charged to the party.

Price details

We reserve the right to make price adjustments and changes.

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